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Wax & Wool Candle

Glass Jar:
Modern with a nod to the past, the glass jar is our favorite candle container. It's unique without calling attention to itself.  Black lid included.

-Poured by hand in small batches in the Pacific Northwest
-100% soy wax, essential oils and phthalate and paraffin free premium scents for an incredibly clean burn
-Estimated 50-hr burn time

These soy wax candles are simple and beautiful. Made with pure white soy wax--never any dyes--and cotton wicks and phthalate and paraffin free scents and essential oils. The goal is to make a beautiful candle that can blend with any room and any décor. Soy wax allows for a very clean burn, leaving a lovely, reusable container behind at the end.

A note about burning:
For best results, let candle burn at least two hours before extinguishing. This will allow the wax to melt all the way to the edges and result in a cleaner, more efficient burn. Trim your wick before to approximately ¼” before lighting your candle.

2022 Scents (available in clear jars with black lid)


We're so excited to introduce this bold new creation! Lavender and Fir aren't two scents that might naturally pop into your head as made-for-each-other, but we've discovered that the woody, herbal nature of the lavender plant is the perfect mate for the piney, mildly citrusy aroma of our native evergreens. It's a Pacific Northwest original and a match made in heaven!

Palo Santo:

This trending fragrance is perfect for creating a calming, spa-like environment in your own home. Palo Santo is a tree native to South America. Its wood is believed to have healing properties and promote wellbeing. Whether you meditate, practice yoga, or simply like to curl up with a good book, we think this candle is the perfect scent to unwind with at the end of a long day. Inhale palo santo, exhale stress, repeat.


This sensuous, earthy blend marries rich, dark amber and musk with lighter notes of grass and moss. The scent conjures up green growing things and freshly turned spring earth. Whether you'd rather be hiking, or just want to bring a bit of the outdoors in, Moss & Fern is the perfect candle to welcome the new season.

Pacific Coast:

Inspired by a family road trip up highway 101 through the redwood forests and along the coastline, this scent embodies all that we love about being west coasters. It captures the windblown trees at the Sutro Baths, the sunshine glinting off the sandy beaches, and the earthy greenness of evergreen forests laced with moss and salty sea air.


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